We create what you envision.

Welcome to SightSource, a dynamic software development company located in the city of Winston-Salem, NC. Established in 2009, our tight-knit team of skilled developers is dedicated to bringing diverse projects to life through our innovative approach to coding. With a focus on creating impactful digital solutions, we take pride in our ability to translate ideas into functional, user-centered software applications.

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Our values

At SightSource, we believe in the power of collaboration and strive to foster close partnerships with individuals and businesses alike. Our experienced team leverages a wealth of technological expertise to craft tailor-made software solutions that align seamlessly with the unique visions of our clients. By remaining at the forefront of industry trends, we ensure that our projects are not only cutting-edge but also reliable and scalable, enabling us to exceed expectations time and time again.

Driven by passion and a commitment to excellence, we approach each project with the same level of care and dedication as if it were our very own. Our journey is one of continuous growth and transformation, marked by the successful realization of countless digital experiences that have left a lasting impact.

Our team

Our team is a blend of individuals with various backgrounds, united by our mutual enjoyment of working alongside one another and embracing daily opportunities for learning and growth.

Ali Tahbaz

Managing Director

In the late 90s I graduated from UVA with a double major in Biology and Economics but soon realized that is not what I'd like to do with my life. I was fortunate enough to break into the technology field by virtue of a software development bootcamp in 1999. I graduated with an MBA from Wake Forest University in 2004 and in the early 00s worked as an application developer, a database administrator, a technology manager and eventually as director of information services in the corporate arena.

Experience working for Fortune 500 companies and managing overseas IT departments for a multinational corporation taught me many things that I still find useful in my current role as Managing Director of this small, agile team. After returning from Europe, Harper (my business partner) and I launched Sightsource, LLC in April of 2009. Most of my time these days is focused on enabling the success of the company as a whole, but I still enjoy technical design and writing code. My passion for this career comes from meaningfully contributing to the success of our team and our clients.

Balint Gaspar


Originally from Budapest, Hungary, I’ve lived in the US since the mid ’90s. Worked in the financial services industry for many years before earning my MBA from WFU in 2004, and launching my first business, a winery equipment import and distribution company. A few years later, in 2009 I became one of the co-founders of the best and mykindofnerdyfunest custom software development company around, Sightsource, where I currently serve as CFO.

Claudia Sen Tahbaz


I was born and raised in Mexico City. 100% Chinese by blood but Mexican at heart. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Worked as a developer/systems analyst for Aeromexico, Nissan, Inbursa, EDS, GNP and several banks in Mexico City. With 15 years of experience in IT, I looked for a job opportunity in the US and found it at AVX Corporation. My last job as a developer was for R.J. Reynolds in WS. I enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures, photography and music.

Sacha Gordon

Coding Specialist

I was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to America with my family at the age of 7. I worked in childcare for 9 years before discovering a love for programming. In addition to coding, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my nieces and nephews.

David Zuniga


I have called Winston-Salem, NC home for the last 18 years. Having taught music for a while, I was glad to join Sightsource through the Empower program and to have the opportunity to code professionally for the first time. I was raised in Mexico, Spain, and Texas, so I love spicy food. I enjoy spending time with my wife and three young children.

Halie Chmura

Coding Connoisseur

Growing up, I had always enjoyed figuring out puzzles and solving math problems which eventually led to me falling in love with programming during my time at the University of North Carolina. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics & Analytics. My favorite part of working at Sightsource is being surrounded by people that consistently strive to be the best developers they can be while helping others to do the same. The things I enjoy most in life are playing board games with my family, snowboarding, and hiking with my dog.

John Crowley

Full-Stack Virtuoso

Born and raised in Wilmington, NC, I first came to Winston-Salem in 2005 to study music at the NC School of the Arts (Go Pickles!). While music has always been my number one passion, technology and design have stayed close behind. I discovered coding at age 13 when I found a second-hand copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 on CD-ROM and taught myself to write simple applications. I went on to learn HTML and CSS in college, then eventually Javascript and PHP during my career as a graphic designer. In 2021, I decided to promote my hobby to a full-time gig and entered the tech industry as a full-stack developer.

Chris Jackson

C# Shooter

I was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. I’m an aspiring traveler, my goal is to visit some of the larger cities around the world like Tokyo, London, New York, or Cape Town. I try to help others by brainstorming solutions or putting plans into action.

Dane Cook

Software Aristocrat

I grew up in super small town Advance, NC and moved to Greensboro to go to college for Psychology. After a few years, I realized my passions lied elsewhere and sought out other interests. After discovering a love of coding, I began a journey of self-teaching that eventually led me to the Empower program and now with Sightsource where I get to learn and discover with a bunch of amazing people around me. Outside of work I am a hardstuck gold LoL player.

Jesse Bessoir

Front-end Fighter

By day, a passionate developer, by night, a devoted dog dad. I am a dynamic individual who found their calling as a developer after exploring the realm of digital marketing. With an unwavering passion for growth/competition, and a profound love for my canine companions, I take on every challenge as an opportunity to expand my skillset.

James Reese

The Dynamic Developer

I was born in a small town in Arkansas in the early 90's. I grew up shy but have really developed into an introverted-extrovert. I enjoy helping people solve their problems, whether it be programming related or morale support/an ear to listen. I'd like to think I have the talent to pick things up without much effort. I've been through 3 musical instruments: the trumpet, guitar, and drums. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team because they all bring knowledge and perspective on things that I wouldn't have even considered, also they're pretty funny and a blast to work with. Believe it or not in my spare time, I also like to program. I also enjoy being active, going for hikes, and working out.

James Fitzpatrick

Growing up was an adventure. I've lived in many places, from Connecticut, Texas, Florida, and Australia. Everywhere we went my father would find some kind of tech job. I used to watch him work from a young age and knew all the way back then, that this is what I wanted to do. I enjoy solving the puzzles in our day-to-day, there's something primal in the satisfaction of finally getting that one thing to work. I've worked in a few other careers, but none that could satisfy the intellectual challenge this provides and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Garrett Ring

I've been playing with computers since I was 8, when my parents took us out and got one for the house. Since then I've built a few things and taken apart a few more. It's been a couple of years since my mom got me a copy of 'Java For Dummies', but it finally turned into my full-time career in 2023 with the help of the Empower program. When I'm not coding, I'm usually reading, gaming, or out with friends.

Manasa Gummadi

Born in India and raised in Chicago and Atlanta, I graduated from medical school and was on the path to US licensure before finding my passion in coding. A lifelong nerdy hobbyist and artist, my fascination with the field began with attempts to craft custom Myspace layouts and tailor Tumblr themes. In my free time I can be found reading science fiction, playing Pokémon, watching movies with the subtitles on, or making digital art.

James Parker

I am a software developer with a passion for cybersecurity and creating innovative solutions. I enjoy learning new skills and staying updated on the latest trends in the industry. When I am not coding, I love hiking, exploring the outdoors, and spending quality time with my family. I believe that software development is not only a profession, but also a way of expressing creativity and making a positive impact on the world.

Isabel Ramirez-Mosqueda

Growing up as the daughter of immigrants, I've always pushed myself to do the best I can in order to succeed. I hold my family and friends close to my heart while pursuing my goal of being a great developer at Sightsource. I consider myself a forever learner as I'm always open to learning new things, so I was grateful to be given the opportunity of a lifetime to join the team through Empower after discovering coding was a hidden passion of mine. Aside from coding, I love to solve puzzles with friends and take small road trips to explore new places.

Brayan Corro-Jimenez

I was born in Mexico, and made my way to the United States at the age of three alongside my family. My fascination with technology began when my uncle introduced me to his computer and video games. What truly captivated me was understanding how massive amounts of data flow seamlessly in our modern world. Now, at the crossroads of my Mexican heritage and American upbringing, I'm excited to keep exploring tech's ever-evolving landscape and play a part in shaping our interconnected future. Outside of technology I enjoy hitting the gym, eating new foods from different cultures and spending time with my wife and family.