Our Mission

We will work in collaboration with each other, using our creativity and dedication to perpetual learning and continuous improvement to efficiently deliver remarkable solutions to our customers.


The determination, hard work and excitement inherent to successful startups is a kindred culture to our own and we have had the pleasure of exceeding both our customer and their markets' expectations.  Check out the MedAllergy, Resounding or My Memory Carebook stories, among others, on our portfolio page.

"Obsolete" technology revamps

With the pace of modern technical innovations it has become very easy to fall behind the leading edge.  Maximizing ROI on technical investments and waiting as long as possible to implement the improved innovations of tomorrow both make perfect business sense but delaying can easily become a liability when your business platform falls out of support by your technology providers, forced innovations beyond your control render your platform incompatible or technology professionals able to work on your platform become sparse. 

While we already have a motley assortment of skills from yesteryear we will not hesitate to learn aged technologies when necessary in order to reverse engineer a path to your future.


The heavy reliance of business on technology unfortunately makes modern business susceptible to technology-related risks and limitations.  We have experience being called in to assist with the "impossible" when things look bleak and then writing a happy ending in spite of improbable odds.  Take a look at the iQMS page on our website for case study explaining one such situation.

Proofs Of Concept

Do you have a software or hardware technology-related idea that you're just not sure is possible or perhaps just don't know who would know where to start?  The "see if this is possible" types of projects are some of those we find most interesting.  Even if we're not the right organization to tackle your exploratory project we can probably put you in touch with the right people.