Who We Are

Sightsource is a cutting edge custom software development and consulting company in the development of flexible line-of-business applications that drive organizations. We are a group of dynamic and committed professionals who strive to reduce costs; improve efficiency and productivity; deliver an outstanding ROI and provide solutions capable of elevating our customers above their peers.

Our Experience

Our developers average over a decade of development experience, primarily on the Microsoft platform (Asp.net framework; SQL Server; SSRS; etc). Our focus is web applications and integration solutions (JD Edwards ERP; Macola ERP; etc), but we have delivered successful solutions using everything from handheld GPS devices to iPhone apps. Finally, through our latest projects we are also rapidly becoming your local Cloud computing experts (Amazon EC2; Simple DB; etc).

Our Approach

What differentiates Sightsource from other experienced development firms is our proven ability to clearly understand and expeditiously tackle complex business issues. Time and again, we have demonstrated our ability to design, develop and deploy simple, elegant and efficient solutions and to do so quickly. We are passionate about technology, and pride ourselves on keeping an eye on the ‘bleeding edge’. Instead of treating every engagement as a proverbial nail for our comfortable hammer, we draw on a wealth of internal and proven external resources to ensure that your solution utilizes all the latest tools and is tailor made for your organization.

  • Sightsource’s primary focus is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, which in most cases is measured in the project’s ROI.
  • Our insight allows us to deliver the right solution the first time around, minimizing project delays due to excessive draft versions.
  • We focus on efficiency and effectiveness from both a technology and a user perspective.
  • Our experienced developers and our uniquely optimized collaboration practices and toolset allow us to complete development work with unsurpassed quality and speed.
  • We provide consulting assistance at every phase of the development process from business analysis through deployment to support.

How can we help you?

We would be happy to discuss solutions to your business problems. Whether you need custom software, technical advice, or support, our experienced staff is available to help you.

Give us a call today and learn how we can help your business become more efficient, gain competitive advantage, and save money through the intelligent application of technology.

Sightsource, LLC