Here are a few selected projects we've completed.  The diversity of endeavors we tackle can make it difficult to grasp our niche.  Examples always help. Click on a project title of interest below to browse related details and get a better feel of what we do.

My Memory Carebook

This is one of our recent startup endeavors.  It holds the promise of both revolutionizing the concept of leaving a legacy and improving care for the elderly.


We have been regular users of the cloud since its inception.  (We have no application servers of our own as a matter of fact.) Knowledge Anywhere was looking to move from an on-site to a cloud solution in order to increase flexibility and reduce cost while reducing the likelihood of downtime. A few short weeks later the migration was planned and executed without any adverse affects to the user base.

Longitudinal Data SYSTEM

Wouldn't it be useful to have a single source for educational data from the time a child enters Kindergarten through the time they graduate high school?  The State of VA thought so and offered a grant to build such a system with data analytics built on top of the aggregated data.  We built this system for Interactive Achievement, now no longer in existence, but purchased by PowerSchool in Feb 2016.

Integrated Quality Management SOURCE

Those projects we look back on with the most sense of accomplishment tend to be those that challenged us most.  In this case an enterprise customer came to us with an urgent need to build an enterprise quality system capable of importing legacy data and supporting several thousand users.

Normally such a project would be status quo, but what made this one special was the need to have it built, from scratch, with no written specification, in 6 weeks during the holiday season.  

We normally tackle a given project with no more than one or two developers, but this one required all hands on deck to meet the need.  It was a test of our ability to work together as a team to share our strengths in order to meet very challenging expectations and we are pleased to say that we overcame all obstacles to achieve smooth, on-time delivery.


A few years ago a startup allergy administration company, Med-Allergy, made a decision to launch their business and needed a technology service provider to realize their vision of their business processes.  Since they were a startup and part of their competitive advantage was achieved through their process differentiation no off-the-shelf products existed that would enable them to seamlessly and efficiently capture their sensitive data.  Heather had a solid, pragmatic understanding of what needed to be built and a few weeks later a secure, user-friendly line of business system was activated as their first service location opened for business.


This is another of our recent startup contributions.  Its focus is on providing a tailored solution to surveys for the HR vertical.  It leverages the power of the real time web (Meteor in this case) to display real time survey responses and dashboard charts.  The application is available at

Scratcher Guru

Ever wonder if there were a way to improve your chances of winning the lottery?  (Rest easy that you're not alone.)  However, you may be surprised to find that there is actually a legal way to improve your odds for scratch-off lottery tickets.  As part of the outcome of a court case settled a few years ago scratch-off lotteries in the US are required to divulge when their largest winnings are awarded.  As the grade prize and lesser winnings for a given game and period have been won the relative attractiveness of choosing that scratch-off ticket vs. another diminishes.  Scratcher Guru is a mobile application available through the iOS AppStore that suggests which tickets are your best bet at a given point in time by ranking them according to your expected value of return.

While the features of the application in this case were straightforward the most interesting aspects came from using Xamarin, a C#-based cross-platform mobile development toolset.

Relative value unit (RVU) Reporting

Measuring performance in the health care industry is not an easy task.  One way to approach it is to measure the sum of RVUs performed by a given entity over a period of time.  We built just such a system for a NC-based healthcare provider a couple of years ago.


Several years ago we were approached by a consulting client with the prospect of building an automated health record retrieval system for the primary purpose of supplying those records to attorneys in preparation for court appearances.  Each of these record requests carry with them a permitted service fee that varies by state government regulations.

This one is memorable in that it gave us good first-hand experience in running a product company that serves the general public.  It also gave us a thorough understanding of the complexities that arise when aggregating highly secure medical data among disconnected systems.


The wisdom in optimizing the supply chain has been evident to businesses for many years now, but relatively few businesses have implemented a tool to proactively capture the value available through eliminating the wastefulness inherent to traditional supply chain interactions in large companies.

This solution eliminated $1M in postage and printing costs alone in its first year and expedited purchasing interactions from days to minutes. Many millions of dollars per year are securely transacted using this system. 

Customer Portal

On-demand, digital access to customer order status and constant updates on the order fulfillment process is an expectation that has become commonplace in modern business thanks to the pioneering of companies like Amazon.  B/E Aerospace, a leading aircraft interior products company, came to us with the need to build a simple but functional site for their own airline customers.

Complexity in this solution turned out not to be found in either the user interface or even in the building of any of the user-accessible features of the application.  The most challenging part of the application was instead the aggregation of order status information from multiple systems in a repeatable, timely fashion so that each order could be displayed intuitively to customer users.

PITCHAWAY communication marketplace

One of our 2015 startup contributions was building a near-real-time platform to enable simulated email conversations between copyright professionals and their corresponding media outlet content managers.  This application has its sights set on revolutionizing the historical "frenemy" relationship between these two factions to save everyone's time.


The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), also known as PQRS for Physician Quality Reporting System, has become a commonplace requirement of medical services organizations that perform work and submit medicare reimbursement claims in recent years due to "negative payment adjustments" that are applied if reporting data is not submitted.  Several "measures" among the hundreds available must be selected and the associated data reports generated in specific formats in order to meet compliance regulations.

CAREFREE contract Management

An innovator in the shed leasing business, Carefree Rentals came to us and asked for a system that would help them automate their processes and allow them to scale at lower incremental cost in years to come.  The core of the solution is customer contract creation and management.  The most interesting aspects of this solution include hardware integration with a signature pad and a mobile application optimized for use via SMS messaging using Twilio.

Service issue reporting (SIR)

Several years ago an enterprise customer running a custom Lotus Notes issue reporting system contacted us with a need to move in a different technical direction.  The time had come to more directly embrace the Internet and enable customer communication with a minimum of hassle.

After the successful migration of the existing features to a pure web-based platform a couple of new modules and a mobile application were added.  The most interesting aspects of the solution these days leverage localStorage and HTML5 to enable offline, mobile functionality via the "trips" module.


One of our clients with the most seniority is a forward-looking innovator in the floor-covering business.  Around the time the first release of the .net framework was released John was interested in automating repetitive processes to keep operations lean while capturing critical business metrics that would provide him with insightful business trend information that few others have.  It is now many years later, a public-facing website, and an upgrade or two since the first go-live and this to-the-design-trade-only business continues to use their line of business system on a daily basis.


The Sales Web Interface & Financial Tracking (SWIFT) system is a sales proposal workflow system that was designed to both reduced the time necessary for each proposal's preparation and to standardize the workflow process.  Standardizing the process increased the accessibility of related tasks for new team members and resulted in a more predictable proposal generation process.


B/E Aerospace, one of our primary clients over the past few years, came to us a few years ago and explained their vision for a program management system. The purpose was the standardization of several critical but difficult-to-automate business processes.

The "submittals" module was the first set of features built and implemented.  It's features are designed to record project-related documentation needs and enable fulfillment of those needs directly by authorized technical personnel both internal and external to the organization.

Several other program management processes have had their workflow digitally mapped and automated since the implementation of the first module including meeting the needs of AC21-49 regulations, sales order management best practices, Primavera project data management and aircraft OEM communication management.