The SIR system is an excellent example of where we took a functional solution running on a technology platform delegated for sunsetting and reverse engineered system details to re-implement it with different technology compatible with business direction.

We were not, nor are we today, Lotus Notes experts, but we did become conversant enough with the technology in order to understand the nuances of the existing system and to infer requirements from the running solution.  That technology investigation coupled with user interviews enabled us to understand the requirements that needed to be ported to the go-forward solution.

Phase 1 of the project was the rewrite from Lotus Notes onto a .NET / relational database platform.  Some immediate, initial benefits included enhanced reporting capability across multiple time zones and more robust security on the web.  Since that phase 1 follow-on scopes of work have proven more innovative, like the ability to run the application in "offline" mode without an Internet connection by using the HTML5 cache manifest and the creation of a cross-platform mobile application using jqMobile.