One of our first forays into building a startup application was also one of our first joint ventures.  We partnered with Greensboro Radiology, now Canopy Partners, to build a healthcare information request system.  The specific opportunity identified was increasing efficiency and reducing manual data collection in meeting the needs of patient advocate-initiated records requests.  All involved were motivated to tackle the problem and the team worked well together in designing and implementing a secure, solid system.

This remains one of our most visually appealing products due almost wholly to the talents of the design firm we worked with on the project, Error Studio, out of the UK.

Interesting technical aspects to the solution were multiple layers of encryption to safeguard the data to an abnormally high degree, multi-threaded data integration to source systems, scanning hardware integration and a multi-tenant, redundant cloud-based architecture.  The average turnaround time for a request prior to system implementation was around 4 business days.  During initial testing we were accepting and completing requests in an automated fashion in around 15 minutes.