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My Memory Carebook is a perfect example of a great idea that benefited from our technical skills by taking a vision forward into a reality.

In many situations like this one we will come into contact with an entrepreneur or partnership that is having difficulty finding the right technology partner to build their winning concept.  Sometimes the shared vision is compelling enough to inspire us to contribute more than just our technical talents.  

It is now possible to create your legacy and ensure the highest level of care using the lever of technology.

Unlike some of the other projects we're showcasing this initiative is available through the public Internet and has a free tier of usage.  Rather than hear what it's all about it would be easier to just see for yourself.

The home page, featuring the virtual mind navigation



The entire system is designed for ease of use by people of all ages. Multiple ways to arrive at areas of common interest and image-based representation of core concepts helps promote usability.

Creating your digital legacy is facilitated via the storybook, messages in bottle and my favorite memories.



Building a digital legacy can be a daunting prospect without any guidance. Fortunately the system makes it easy by allowing you to piece together assets you've provided in different areas.

Messages In a Bottle makes it easy to pass along private messages.





The messages in a bottle feature is used to capture and share private messages for others.




My Favorite Memory Builder is a feature designed to facilitate curating your content into special memory capsules that can be shared.  Enabling you to add meaning and bring raw digital assets together in an easy to use fashion was the goal here.

My Favorite Memory Builder facilitates creation of your content with easy to use multi-media mixing controls

The Storybook feature enables you to create digital scrapbooks with relationship to a timeline.




The Storybook feature is another easy-to-use section of the site that facilitates the creation of digital scrapbooks.






The mobile component of the system is currently purposed for facilitated capture and upload of content.