Several years ago as Fall was just taking hold in NC we received a call from Canopy Partners, a client of ours, to arrange a meeting with Heather, a colleague of theirs, about to launch a startup company.  Heather and her colleagues had just achieved funding and were going to launch an allergy-related business the following January.  At the time Heather had a good idea of how the business should work but had no discrete process or system that would enable those steps to occur 3 months hence.

We were called by Canopy and introduced to Heather because we were identified as one of the only ways to meet the goal of a new system built on sparse specifications in just a few weeks.

Several weeks later the process Heather described came to life in the form of a scaleable, cloud-based (AWS), web-based ( MVC) system that reliably and securely manages the fundamental business operations.  Some innovative features of the solution include drag and drop vial preparation, integration of real-time, tablet-based data capture and custom report template rendering.