Distinctive is in the business of marketing and selling high quality, unique carpets and rugs to the design trade.  They started in the Southeast US decades ago and now operate nationwide.  

John Foushee, the company founder and principal, continued to meet with success in running his business In the late 90's through solid business principles but suspected that his company might be even more effective with detailed measurement of critical business metrics.

After attempting and failing to find capable resources for several months he and Ali Tahbaz met and together they built the Distinctive management reporting system that continues to provide some of the best insight into market trends and opportunities in the industry.  Soon afterwards the line of business system was formalized into a new system and a few years later a web presence was added.

The business metrics reporting remains a core piece of the Distinctive solution and has changed little since its creation over a decade ago.  It mixes the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel templates with custom report definitions that reside in SQL Server all coordinated by a small C#.net application.